To register the program it is required to purchase a license and obtain an unlock code.   The license / registration is for one installation on a single computer.   Each computer installation has a unique serial number / unlock code.   The free trial version must first be installed on a computer in order to obtain the serial number for that computer.   To get the registration unlock code, accomplish the following:

      (1.)   Write down the serial number from the Registration pop-up box at program startup.
      (2.)   Enter that 10 digit serial number in the box that is located above the "Buy Now" button                     on the lower part of this page.  
      (3.)   Click the "Buy Now" button to process your payment.
      (4.)   The unlock code will be sent to your email address.   We will do our best to reply in a                        timely manner (usually within 24 hours).
      (5.)   When you receive the 5 digit unlock code, enter it in the Registration pop-up box at                           program startup.

When clicking on the "buy now" button below, you will be redirected to the secure (https:) PayPal web site that will process a Credit Card or PayPal transaction.

The price for the initial license registration of the Logbook Entry Creator Program, Version 2.1 is:       $129.00 usd.

Enter your Serial Number in the Box Below and Press the Buy Now Button

Serial # from Registration Box

Additional License Registration

After you have purchased one initial license registration for the Logbook Entry Creator Version 2.1 Program, you are eligible to purchase additional license registrations for ancillary computers at a reduced price.    Click on the button below and proceed to the Purchase Additional Registration License page.