About the Program

The purpose of this program is to simplify and expedite the creation of a quality, legible logbook entry document of maintenance performed.   When completed, the maintenance entry and return to service statement can be printed, signed and then inserted in the aircraft maintenance logbooks.   Your own personal custom preferences of recurring input information can be pre entered, quickly and easily retrieved or selected and then inserted within the entry.   The logbook entry creator can accommodate separate entries for airframe, powerplant, propeller or any other component that has its own logbook.   What once was an arduous task is now a simple, quick and easy process to produce professional quality results.

Logbook Entry Creator sample screenshots for (Version 2.1)

System Requirements

This program has been designed and tested for stand alone installation on a Windows operating system ( Windows 98, ME, 2000, NT, XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 10 ).   Additional requirements are: monitor with minimum screen resolution of 600 x 800; a compatible inkjet or laser printer; a mouse or cursor pointing device.   Compatibility with your specific operating system / configuration should be determined by installing and testing the free trial version.

Request a free trial copy of the Logbook Entry Creator Program v2.1

A request for download of the Logbook Entry Creator Program (v2.1) can be made by going to the following link.   When the program is installed on your computer, it includes a 30 day free trial evaluation.   To continue using the program after the 30 day free trial, you must purchase a registration license to obtain an unlock code.   Without the unlock code after the 30 day trial, you will still be able to open and use the program but will be unable to print the logbook entries.

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