Sharing information about use of the program

The following are a list of items that have come from users and the answers that are provided.   For any specific questions about the operation or use of the program that are not shown in the operators manual or on this page, go to the Contact Form and submit your questions or request.   By sharing the answers on this web site, the information will be available to all who visit.   We will do our best to keep this page up to date in order to relay the information.

List of Questions and Answers / Additional Tips and Techniques.

Question #1:        On the   'Contact Form'   page of this website, I do not see a form to complete.  

Answer #1:   To see and use the contact form, it is necessary that Adobe Flash Player is installed on the computer.   You can go to the Adobe web site and download this free program.

Question #2:        What type of stickers or labels should be used for the logbook entries?

Answer #2:  The program was designed to print one or more entries on full sheet labels.   The entry can then be cut to the required size for insertion in the logbook.   This is a fairly economical solution because depending on the size of the logbook entry, several entries can be obtained from a single page.   My personal preferred source for sticky back labels is (Product # OL175WX) where full page labels can be purchased in quantity for about ten cents per page.   If five entries can be obtained from a single page, that equates to about two cents per log entry.   Paper cutters or trimmers can be found at stores that have scrapbooking supplies, office supply stores or can be purchased online.   My favorite paper trimmer is the Fiskars 01-005446.   This model has a guide wire where the cutter blade is located so you can align the cut with precision.

Question #3:        Where is the Help menu in the program?

Answer #3:  The program was designed for the utmost of simlicity and does not have a help menu.   Program operating instructions are contained in the pages of the users manual that can be downloaded here in a PDF format.   Any additional tips or techniques will be posted and made available on this page.

Log Entry Creator V2.1  -  Users Manual      (PDF format)

Click on the button above to open a zip file that contains the users manual.   Unzip or extract the file to open the manual.     If any issue is encountered that is not intuitive or explained in the manual, contact us at email:

Question #4:        The Log Entry Program appears small on the computer screen  

Answer #4:   This can happen if the program is run on a very high resolution screen that is set to a high number. To change the resolution:
    Step (1) - Before opening the Log Entry Creator, right mouse click on a blank part of screen
    Step (2) - From the popup box that appears, Left mouse click on Screen Resolution and from the resolution choices, select a                       smaller number
    Step (3) - Left mouse click on the Apply button

Question #5:        Technique for Inserting lengthy logbook entries  

Answer #5:   When a recurring entry is larger than can be contained in the standard or custom entry areas within the Log Entry Program, there is a simple way to include that lengthy text into your logbook entry.

   Step (1) - Create the entry/entries in a text or notepad type document
   Step (2) - Before opening the Log Entry Creator, open the above created document and minimize it to the taskbar
   Step (3) - Open the Log Entry Creator and navigate to the location where you wish to insert your lengthy entry and place the                         cursor at that location
   Step (4) - Maximize the text document that you minimized in step 2
   Step (5) - Highlight the desired text from the document and copy it - key combo: [(Ctrl) (C)]
   Step (6) - Minimize the text document and then paste - key combo: [(Ctrl) (V)] the copied text into the LEC at the location of the                          cursor

Question #6:        Operational issues with The Log Entry Creator v2.1  

Answer #6:   Some fault anomalies have occurred on Win8 and Win10 operating systems. Most installations of the program have functioned flawlessly and not exhibited any compatibility issues.    A few cases have precluded the Logbook Entry Creator from performing its designed function.   The identified fault indications are described and the respective corrective actions are indicated below.
   Fault Indication:    When first opening the program,   a popup display box indicates: "This program is not registered".    After closing that box and advancing to print preview a log entry,  a second popup display indicates:   "The free trial period has expired.   In order to print logbook entries you must register the product and obtain an unlock code."  
   Corrective action #1:    Windows has a built in incompatibility correction feature that should be the first attempt at fixing the issue.    Internet search:  run programs made for previous versions of windows  (as it relates to your version of Windows).
   Corrective action #2:    On a Win 8 or Win10 machine:   Enable the hidden administrators account and operate the Logbook Entry Creator within that account.   Internet searching:  “How to enable the hidden Windows (8) or (10) administrator account”  will provide a number of detailed instructions on how to accomplish this.

Additional Tips and Techniques.

Item #1:        Navigating within the program     When navigating within the program, use the built in navigation buttons and menu select items.   Avoid use of the red  'x'  button in the upper right corner of the screen to exit a page.  When in Print Preview mode always exit by clicking on the  'Close and Return to Main Menu'  button on top of the screen.  Exit the program from the Main Menu by clicking on the  'Exit Program'  button.  

Item #2:        Automatic insertion of Date     When creating a new logbook entry and the cursor is in the   [Date]  field, the current date can be automatically inserted by using the key combination:    [Alt]  [D].

The above information should help in the use and understanding of the program.