Aircraft Maintenance Logbook Entries

Created Quickly and Easily

Are you looking for a better, faster and more efficient way to make aircraft maintenance logbook entries?   Would you like to have easy access to commonly used phrases and recurring data with simple techniques for inserting them?   How about the ability to create and print a logbook entry in minutes?   Well look no further, the Aircraft Maintenance Logbook Entry Creator is just what you need.   You will be able to produce an entry quickly and easily with professional results.


Aircraft Maintenance Logbook Entry Creator, Version 2.1

A new / improved version of the Logbook Entry Creator is now available.   By responding to the requests of current users we are commited to creating the best program available.   The changes in version 2 of the program include:  (1) The ability to insert your own created custom graphics/company information with the entry, either as a header, as a footer, or both;  (2) Simplified entry of aircraft/component times with the flexibility to create your own list of descriptions;  (3) The ability to backup your saved data and transfer it to additional computers;  (4) A simple method to insert page break information for entries that will span more than one logbook page;  (5) Expanded space in the Aircraft or Component Make/Model area that will allow for including serial numbers;   (6) Additional minor program enhancements.